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Sales consultants
, to be effective, must not only be able to analyze your sales and marketing efforts and pinpoint ways to improve your sales and marketing but they must also be able to work with you in streamlining your business operations to make sure you are working efficiently and increasing your bottom line as you improve your sales.

An increase in sales only correlates to a better bottom line if the operations behind the sales are working efficiently. The newest generation of sales consultants combine traditional sales consulting work with business process review to help create an overall business improvement by increasing sales and improving overall business processes.

For many companies seeing a large improvement in their bottom line does not necessarily mean they need to see an explosion in actual sales. In fact, many companies will see a very big improvement in their bottom line with only modest sales improvements if they use their existing assets as efficiently as possible.

Poole Resources, Inc., understands that the most important assets of any company are the assets you already own. At a time when many companies think they need to downsize their efforts in order to become more profitable, Poole Resources, Inc., partners with their clients to show them how some tweaks in the sales process and changes in their operations can result in a more efficient operation that can dramatically improve the company's bottom line.

Combining traditional sales consultants work with overall operations consulting lets the professionals of Poole Resources, Inc., change the way companies view their business and helps them become more profitable by using their existing resources efficiently. When many companies think downsizing is the answer, Poole Resources, Inc., shows them that growth is the answer.

The business operations of a company should be intrinsically tied to the sales efforts of the company. The two are opposite sides to the same coin. If these two important components are not working well together the result is a reduction in profitability regardless of the success of a sales effort.

Poole Resources, Inc, is able to be successful because we partner with our clients to come up with overall strategies to ensure that their sales efforts and their operations work well together. Our sales consultants work with you to make sure that your sales result in the most profit possible.

When faced with the question what is more important the volume of sales or the net value of sales - the answer should be both. Neither is more important than the other - the reality is that today's businesses need the volume and the profitability of sales. Many businesses fail in seeing the importance of having an operation in place that is efficient enough to maximize profitability.

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