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The most successful companies tap an often-overlooked asset - what they already have inside of the business to achieve top-line growth. Companies that fluidly deploy their people and processes to maximize customer demand can weather change in a volatile marketplace, without additional capital investment.

Rather than focus on traditional supply chain cuts to increase shareholder value in the short term, companies that choose to focus the entire organization on Smart Asset Management SM can reach or exceed business targets essential to survival in the marketplace. Companies that use their assets wisely to increase customer demand are those that remain closest to their overall business strategy, free of the short term thinking that has been shown to erode company success.

Our focus is to add value by achieving measurable results vs. activity-based consulting. Unlike more traditional consulting firms, we stick around to ensure that our clients can actually implement the solutions we develop.

We have extensive experience with the industry segments we serve and are driven by innovation. What is most important to us is to create working partnerships with our clients that create results. Our experience tells us that many firms hire consultants who develop programs that are ultimately unworkable in the long term. We understand the commitment a client makes in engaging a resource to grow and or revitalize a business. And as a result, our business is based on these commitments:
  • To deliver solutions that work on the ground as opposed to an altitude of 50,000 feet.
  • To be as passionate about our clients’ businesses as if they are our very own.
  • To avoid consultant-speak in favor of presenting common sense solutions.
  • To deliver enduring methods by which our clients may create lasting value for their customers

Meet Barbara Poole

Throughout a career of helping major corporations meet their business objectives, Barbara Poole has been driving the bandwagon -- rather than jumping on it. Her broad corporate experience combines with a questioning intellect to develop fresh solutions for today’s business challenges.

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