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Revenue Improvement

Revenue improvement is the difference between watching your company grow and starting to consider cutbacks and layoffs. In tough economic times, forward thinking and planning for Revenue improvement will lead to greater overall success for a company at a time when the competition may be considering scaling back their business.

Revenue improvement is based on a method of increasing the number of customers that come into a given business. In traditional supply chain cost cutting efforts, a company might work to take 10% of distribution costs. The gain they will see on their balance sheet rarely will exceed 10 or 15% if the efforts are successful. A study by Mercer Management consulting revealed that companies who engage in cost cutting to increase shareholder value rarely regain market dominance over the five years following expense control initiatives. On the other hand, Revenue improvement allows companies to focus on growing the top line, or demand chain, rather than cutting bottom line expenses. The number of customers that Revenue improvement efforts can attract into a business is free from caps or ceilings. And who would turn down more customers at their door?

The type of forward thinking that results in Revenue improvement is unfortunately the exception rather than the rule. CEO's may talk a good game, however few senior management teams stick to the Revenue improvement method of investing the company's assets into a long term model of customer attraction over a short term model of expense reduction and cost control. However, so strong is the desire to satisfy shareholders and a Board of Directors that Revenue improvement falls by the wayside, even if cost cutting, or “fire fighting” efforts erode the company's overall strategy.

Poole Resources, Inc, based in Fairfield County , Connecticut , has a unique and highly effective approach to assisting companies in Revenue improvement initiatives. Poole Resources, Inc., was founded in 1992 on the notion that companies can reach maximum success without excessive increased cost by utilizing their existing assets to the fullest potential, The result if these efforts can develop on-target sales and marketing strategy, increase customer service, improve leadership and organizational efficiency which results in increased demand for their goods and services.

Revenue improvement becomes a reality when an entire organization becomes dedicated to Smart Asset Management (sm). Smart Asset Management (sm) is not only a business plan but a business philosophy which truly helps companies increase profitability as they prepare for inevitable changes in the business world. Smart Asset Management (sm) is a highly developed business model developed by Poole Resources, Inc.

Revenue improvement is possible when the client company vests in a relationship with the professionals of Poole Resources, Inc., who look at companies at the ground level rather than at 30,000 feet - the place with the greatest potential for changes that can improve the profitability of a company.

Management and business consulting firms clog the Internet with advertisements, as well as the trade magazines, newspapers and airways. Unfortunately, for many of these consulting firms the client company becomes a file - a time sheet - a paycheck. What sets Poole Resources, Inc., apart from the rest as we focus on Revenue improvement, is that we view our clients as true partners.

Our job is not done if we simply prepare a report with some suggestions on how you can implement strategies for Revenue improvement - though many other firms stop at just that point. We work with you to implement these changes to make sure there is real and sustainable Revenue improvement for your organization. All too often management and business consulting firms fail to partner with their client companies in a way that can achieve measurable results. These firms base their business model and billing model on actions rather than results. Poole Resources, Inc., views our responsibility to our clients as much deeper than this and we partner with our clients to help meet their Revenue improvement objectives by ensuring that their clients can actually execute the strategies that have been developed. Unlike more “hit and run” consulting projects, we actually stick around to make sure that Revenue improvement results are attainable and the organization is in line to make those results possible.

The vision and ideals of Poole Resources, Inc., start from our founder, Barbara Poole. Barbara, who, rather than jumping on the bandwagon of traditional management and business consultant firms.

Our clients have the opportunity to see true Revenue improvement when they start to invest in forward thinking change. By working with our client companies with the goal of Revenue improvement we become intimately involved with achievable growth - your success is our success and we simply do not settle for less and neither should you. Such an approach means a company can grow in the most difficult of economic times and begin to see long-term success when many competitors may be downsizing or even closing their doors.

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